Yekik Alich’a is a milder version of Yekik We’t. Cooked with oil it is also a vegetarian dish eaten during Lent. When Yikik Alich’a is prepared with oil serve hot or cold. If it is prepared with butter serve hot.


2 cups split peas (red or green)

4 cups water

2 cups red onions (chopped)

2 cups oil

1 Tbsp. ginger

1 Tbsp. garlic

4 green peppers (fresh) (chili Anaheim) or (chili Jalapeño)

salt to taste

1 tsp. black pepper


Wash split peas and boil until soft. Remove peas, drain, and reserve water for later use. In a medium pan, cook onions with oil, stirring gently. Add cooked peas and stir to prevent sticking to bottom of pan. Add garlic, ginger and black pepper and continue to simmer for 20 - 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Slice green pepper and add to sauce. Serve hot or cold.



Makes 6 servings.


country : Ethiopia

course : vegan dish


source : Exotic Ethiopian Cooking : Society, culture, hospitality & traditions / D. J. Mesfin


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