2 bananas

100 g strawberries, washed

1 pawpaw, peeled

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

100 ml orange juice

100 ml pineapple juice

100 ml mango juice

750 ml soda water

12 ice cubes


Slice the bananas into rings and the strawberries into halves. Put them in a large jug or fruit bowl.

Chop the pawpaw into small cubes and put them in the jug or bowl. Add the brown sugar and stir it in gently.

Pour in the fruit juices.

Pour in the soda water and stir the mixture gently. Add the ice cubes and serve in tall glasses.


Serves 6.


country : Kenya

course : beverage


source : A Flavour of Kenya : Food and Festivals / Wambui Kairi


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