T’ire Assa (raw fish) like T’ire Siga (raw meat) is simply raw fish eaten with hot pepper as  delicacy. It is also served during Lent (fasting season).


3 - 4 fillet (fresh trout or perch)

ľ cup very hot red pepper (mit’mit’a) chilli Serrano or red pepper (berbere) or red pepper paste (awaze)


Wash fish and remove skin. Cut fish into medium sized cubes. Serve to room temperature with side dish of very hot red pepper, red pepper paste or red pepper (berbere) and with injera or bread.

Refrigerate to store.


Makes about 6 servings.


country : Ethiopia

course : fish dish


source : Exotic Ethiopian Cooking : Society, culture, hospitality & traditions / D. J. Mesfin


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