1 quarts water

2 tsp. salt

tsp. pepper

3 large tomatoes

2 medium tomatoes

2 large onions

1 lb. fresh string beans


In a 3-quart saucepan: Bring to a boil 1 quarts water. Add 2 tsp. salt, tsp. pepper, 3 large tomatoes, cut in chunks, 2 medium tomatoes, cut in chunks and 2 large onions, cut in chunks. Simmer for 30 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Puree through a sieve or food mill. (It should be a thin puree.) Add 1 lb. fresh string beans, cut across in thin slices. Simmer for about 10 minutes until beans are tender. Correct the seasoning. Serve in bowls.

Variation: It will take a little time to slice the fresh string beans in very thin (straight across) slices. As an adaptation and for the sake of speed, here’s the fast modern version of this lovely soup: Combine 1 cup instant potatoes, 1 Tbs. onion powder, 1 quarts boiling water and 1 6-oz. can tomato sauce. No pureeing is necessary. Cut 1 package frozen Italian beans (thawed) into thin slices. Add to the mixture above. Simmer until beans are done. Serve in bowls or large soup plates.


Makes 2 quarts (8 cups).


country : Mozambique

course : soup


source : The African Cookbook : Menus and recipes from eleven African countries and the island of Zanzibar / Bea Sandler