This quotation from L'Encyclopèdie Pahouine (the adjective "Pahouin" refers to the Fang people of Central Africa), describes a banana-leaf recipe of the Fang people. L'Encyclopèdie Pahouine was written in 1901 by M. Largeau. The quotation appears in Cuisine Africaine: Specialites du Gabon (Editions Universelles, Toulouse, 1985)


banana leaves

meat or fish





In an envelope of double or triple banana leaves, wrap meat or fish, salt, pepper and "Esu", a substitute of our onion, plus a sufficient quantity of water. Cook this either in a pot, or directly over a fire low enough not to burn the banana leaves. One thus obtains a sauce called "nnani" which is eaten with manioc; one dips a handful of manioc into the sauce. It's excellent!


country : Gabon

course : meat dish


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