1 kg unsalted soft cheese

250 g flour

500 g sugar

3 eggs

powdered cinnamon

grated rind of 1 green lemon



Grate the cheese and mix with the sugar, flour and beaten eggs. Add the cinnamon, lemon rind and a teaspoon of aniseed and beat well.

Mix the flour and a little water to make a light dough. Turn out onto a floured board and roll to pie-lining thickness. Grease a pastry tin and line with the pastry, fill with the cheese mixture and bake until golden in a hot oven.


Serves 4.


country : Canary Islands

course : dessert


source : The Best of Canary Island Cookery : Selected recipes from the Canary Islands including desserts and liqueurs / Felisa Vera, Remedios Sosa, Ana Leal, Yurena Diaz