An easy-to-make hot sauce. Pronounced "pee-lee pee-lee", also spelled pilipili. From the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, this word is used throughout tropical Africa to refer to hot red peppers, sauces made from them, and foods cooked with these peppers or sauces.


several chile peppers (i.e., hot red peppers!), cleaned and finely chopped

juice of one lemon

a few cloves of garlic, minced

several pieces of parsley, minced (optional)

a few tablespoons of cooking oil

a pinch of salt


Mix all ingredients by hand or with a blender, food processor. Cook in a hot skillet for a few minutes. Store in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

Serve with everything.


Serves 4.


area : Central Africa

course : sauce


source : The Congo Cookbook http://www.congocookbook.com/c0029.html