1 chicken or slivered chicken breasts

3 onions

6 carrots

1 green cabbage
tin of peeled tomatoes

1 spoon of tomato concentrate

1 Maggi stock cube
2 limes

2 hot peppers

2 spoons of oil

200 g of BONMAFE (5 or 6 tablespoons)

Brown the chicken with the onions in 2 spoons of oil in a pressure cooker, Pour the tomatoes, MAGGI stock cube, tomato concentrate, juice from the limes, salt, pepper, the 2 hot peppers and 20 cl of water into the pressure cooker,
Add the vegetables, Cover the pressure cooker, Let cook for 10 minutes beginning with the spinning of the valve, Add the BONMAFE, Reheat everything together, Serve with rice. Enjoy your meal...

Serves 4.


preparation time : 25 minutes


country : Senegal

course : main dish


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