Herb teas are very popular in West Africa and this local favorite is poured from long-spouted, ornate, brass teapots into small tea cups with no handles. It is an excellent palate cleaner after a meal.


1.25 liter (2 pints) water

250 grams ( pound) lemon grass, well washed with roots trimmed off, and cut into 5 centimeter (2 inch) lengths

sugar to taste


Bring the water to the boil. Rinse out the brass teapot twice with small amounts of boiling water then add the lemon grass and pour in the rest of the boiling water.

Allow to brew for a while, depending on how strong a tea you prefer. Pour the hot tea into small handleless cups and serve with or without sugar. It tastes better without milk.


Serves 4.


country : Mali

course : beverage


source : A Taste of Africa : With over 100 traditional African recipes adapted for the modern cook / Dorinda Hafner