lamb loin



red wine



Parmesan cheese

nutmeg seasoning

Take the loin of lamb and spread the garlic and rosemary all over the meat side finishing with some red wine, when this has stood for about one hour roll the meat carefully so as not to lose too much of the flavouring, place in the oven until pink in the middle.

Polenta is an Italian accompaniment that can be served with any dish that has a rich flavouring, and so is good with this meal, one must always be careful not to add too much cheese though.

To cook the spinach just slice very thinly cook in a hot skillet and finish with a touch of nutmeg and salt.

With the juices from the roasted lamb, reduce with some red wine and root vegetables thicken with a touch of arrowroot.To serve, place the spinach on the polenta, slice the lamb around this and pour the sauce around the plate.

country : Swaziland

course : meat dish

source :