This is a thin pancake-like leavened bread made from whole sorghum flour.

Sorghum flour 60 %
Water 40%

Mix the flour and water to make ajin (thick paste). Let the ajin to stand for 12 - 24 hrs to ferment. Before baking, dilute the ajin to a thin batter by adding water at the rate of 50 cc water to 100 g paste. The baking pan is heated and the rubbed with a damp oily cloth (usually sesame oil is used) before spreading the batter. The batter is poured out of a small container along the length of the hot pan. A gargariba (dry piece of palm leaf) dipped in water is used to swiftly spread the batter into a very thin layer using quick, smooth sideways movements. The kisra is ready in about 1min and ready to be peeled off. The pan is rubbed again with the oily cloth before spreading the next lot of batter. Served with stews, relish or sauce or even with water and condiments (salt and chillies).

country : Sudan

course : side dish


source : Patty McDuffy [IRE_tag]