The closest thing to an Ingame at Stop and Shop is called "Malanga" and there's another similar one called "Name" pronounced "ñamie" that looks similar but I haven't tried it yet.

Peel it, cut it up into medium sized chunks and boil it for 10-15 minutes until soft. Get a small metal bowl and a hand sized wooden pounder and pound away adding small amounts of water until it’s moist enough. I had trouble getting it as gooey as in Benin. It’s probably because you can't exert enough force as with a huge wood mortar and pestle.
It was also hard to get all the lumps out, but if you pound it long enough you'll probably get close.
You can also fry the uncooked ingame chunks and serve with piment or eat the boiled ingame without pounding it (with hot pepper of course). Be sure to serve on pieces of cement bag for effect.

Serves 4.


country : Benin

course : side dish


source :