Stop and Shop sells manioc but they call it "Yucca." It looks just like it did in Benin. Peel it and grate it using the fine part of the grater. Put the mush in a plastic rice bag and squeeze the heck out of it to press the water out. Collect the juice because when cooked it turns into tapioca. If you don't squeeze all the liquid out the gari will turn into a tapioca like
goo. After pressing out the liquid, sift it through a colander then heat the pulp over low heat slowly on a frying pan while stirring it to dry it out.

Lazy man's tapioca au naturel- peel and grate the manioc. Add water and cook over low heat. The mush will turn into a mixture of gari and tapioca which is good when you add honey.


Serves 4.


country : Benin

course : side dish


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