Dabbo Qolo is a snack food that may also be served as an appetizer with cocktails.


1 lb. wheat flour

1 cup cooking oil

2 Tbsp. sugar

salt to taste

2 cups water


Put wheat flour, sugar, salt in a bowl and mix thoroughly, adding water a little at a time. Knead until the dough is a thick, smooth paste. Add sugar or salt and oil. Knead for 15 more minutes. Roll into thin strips, ľ inch thick, and cut into tiny pieces with scissors. Deep-fry in boiling oil until crisp and brown. Serve hot or cold. Store in covered container indefinitely.

For variation, add a little red pepper while kneading or food coloring as desired.


Serves 6 - 12.


country : Ethiopia

course : snack


source : Exotic Ethiopian Cooking : Society, culture, hospitality & traditions / D. J. Mesfin


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