6 mangoes
1 coconut
2 - 3 tbs. sugar
ground coriander
split coriander seeds
dash of cinnamon

Wash mangoes but do not peel; slice down either side of the pit, thus cutting each mango into three pieces. Put all pieces into a saucepan. Prepare coconut milk by grating coconut meat and then tying it in a piece of clean muslin cloth. Squeeze muslin bag over a bowl to extract more juice
from the coconut. Repeat the dipping process until all juice has been extracted and the water in the second bowl looks like thin milk. Discard coconut pulp. Pour the bowl with the thin milk into a saucepan with the mangoes. Boil and simmer until mangoes are cooked, i.e. when skins are tender. Then add to the thick milk along with sugar, cinnamon and split coriander seeds. Cover with lid and simmer until sauce thickens. Cool.

Serves 6.


country : Somalia

course : dessert


source : Patty McDuffy [IRE_tag]