1 kilo fish to 2 kilos rice

litre of oil, but you may want to use less!


1 eggplant, 2 carrots, 1 cabbage, 1 - 2 big semi sweet potatoes, parsley, onion dried peppers

Salt and pepper

1 small can condensed tomato paste

2 - 3 chunks of garlic

Dried fish if you desire

Leaves from bissap, about a handful


Wash fish

Prepare fish - to prepare fish take one chunk of garlic grind/mash with 2 small chunks of salt, 1 dried pepper, a little parsley or cabbage. Adjust measurements to liking. Next make a hole in the fish and stuff with spicy mixture.

Clean Veggies - peel and cut vegetables, use cabbage and eggplant, potatoes, 1 pepper, and 2 carrots.

Heat up pot and add fish - add or less litre of oil, heat up and add prepared fish.

In separate bowl mix tomato paste with water until soupy. Add a little onion and salt to liking. Take out fish from pot, add soup and onions to pot, stir, and put back in fish (note the taking out fish part may be skipped).

Put in all vegetables into soup and add dried fish if desired, add the hot pepper if desired.

Tie green bissap up with string, removing stems first, put into soup. Cover soup with lid but not completely.

Making of the Nocose/burger sauce - take 2 - 3 chunks of garlic and pound. Add a little black pepper, 2 jumbo cubes, a little onion, and pound together with appropriate tool (pilon), set aside.

Rice - Clean rice, pick out all dirt and UFO’s. Wash rice so that it is wet and sticky. Put rice into a metal container with holes, putting that above the cooking soup, and cover with lid, making sure the steam is getting to rice by insulation the sides with wet cloth. Check every once in a while to rotate rice.

After cooking, time depends on fire but you do not want the fish to over cook and get mushy. Take out veggies and fish, with some sauce. Put into separate bowl.

Pull out bissap mash with Nocose.

Add 1 packet of jumbo to soup in pot if desired.

Put rice into soup, cooking and stirring on occasion. If it gets too dry you can always add sauce that you took out earlier.

When rice is finished (all the water is absorbed) put on plate. Leave some at the bottom of pot add a little soup and let simmer, this will give you those crispy bits of rice.

Arrange fish and vegetables on plate’s center.

Take out burnt rice (hoiner) and arrange to liking.

Put Nocose/burger on plate as desired


Serves 8.


country : Mauritania

course : fish dish


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