Cumin has been used for centuries in the cuisines of Northern Africa, Arabia, and India, where it is usually mixed with other spices. When cumin was introduced to Central Africa is unknown, but recipes like this one and Chicken in Cumin Sauce are common there. This recipe is also good when made with bushmeat such as antelope, gazelle, or pangolin.


1 - 2 pounds of stew meat, cut into large bite-sized pieces

2 - 3 cloves of garlic, minced

2 onions, finely chopped

juice of 2 limes or lemons, and/or a tablespoon of vinegar

1 chile pepper, cleaned and chopped

3 - 4 tomatoes, chopped (or canned tomatoes)

2 cans tomato paste

3 - 4 teaspoons of cumin

African Hot Sauce, or cayenne pepper or red pepper to taste

black pepper to taste

salt to taste

several mint leaves (optional)


In a large pot, bring the meat to a boil in a inch of water. Cover and reduce heat.

While the meat is cooking, make a sauce by combining all the remaining ingredients in a separate pot. Bring to a slow boil. Turn off heat.

Add the sauce to the meat. Simmer until meat is done, and then simmer some more.

Serve with Baton de Manioc / Chikwangue or Fufu.


Serves 4.


area : Central Africa

course : meat dish


source : The Congo Cookbook