Aubergines are widely used in African cookery and come in many shapes, sizes and colours. They are known as egg plants because some are small, white and round, while others are long and blackish purple, which are more familiar to Europeans.


3 large purple aubergines, peeled and chopped

450 g cooked kidney beans, cold

juice of two limes

2 crushed garlic cloves

65 ml olive oil

2 tsp soft brown sugar

1 tsp salt and pepper

pinch cayenne pepper


Mix the salt, pepper and lemon juice together. Pour over the aubergine pieces. Leave for twenty minutes. Mix oil, garlic, cayenne and beans. Toss bean mix with aubergines. Sprinkle with the sugar and serve chilled.


Serves 4


country : Somalia

course : salad


source : Laos To Liberia : Nutritious Foods from 200 Lands / Debbie Cook & Andy Gravette