There are many variations which can be tried using this basic recipe. Bananas may be dipped into the egg mixture, then in shredded coconut and baked for five minutes. Or you may use chopped peanuts instead of coconut. Or you may want to blend cracker crumbs with curry powder and cayenne pepper and proceed as above. All of these work well as accompaniments to any meat dish or may be used as dessert.


8 bananas

1 egg

2 Tbs. orange juice

½ cup bread crumbs

½ cup vegetable oil

24 Tbs. sour cream

8 Tbs. brown sugar


Cut 8 bananas in three uniformly diagonal pieces. Beat 1 egg lightly with 2 Tbs. orange juice. Dip bananas in egg mixture, then in ½ cup bread crumbs. Heat ½ cup vegetable oil in a sauté pan. Sauté the bananas only until they begin to brown lightly. Place on a cookie sheet pan with a spatula and bake at 350 ºF for 5 minutes. Serve 1 banana per guest in compote dishes topping each with 3 Tbs. sour cream sprinkled with 1 Tbs. brown sugar.


Serves 8.


country : Gabon

course : dessert


source : The African Cookbook / Bea Sandler