Rice is the the staple of the Madagascar diet. The resourceful natives have developed literally dozens of delicious preparatory techniques for this plentiful grain. But the Malagasy diet is a varied one, and heaping mounds of rice are usually topped with zebu, an excellent local beef, as well as pork, chicken, crab, fish, corn, peanuts, and potatoes. Fresh fruits and vegetables abound. Spicy curries are popular, as are the numerous exquisite French dishes served at the island's finest restaurants and hotels. When in Madagascar, you'll be urged to try the national snack: Koba, a pate of rice, banana, and peanut. Unless you're a fan of that peculiar combination of flavors, skip the Koba and order one of the island's famous seafood salads. You'll be handed a heaping plateful of luscious ginger-and-lime flavored crab and lobster meat, resting on a bed of fresh greens. Akoho sy voanio, a chicken dish prepared with rice and fresh coconut, is also quite delicious, as is the Foza sy hena-kisoa, a stir-fried crab, pork, and rice dish.


One chicken

One coconut

Two tomatoes

Two onions

Two cloves of garlic

20 grams of ginger





Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper to taste. Slice the tomatoes into small cubes. Set aside. Shred the coconut into a clean cloth. Fold the cloth around the shredded coconut. Wet the cloth using a glass of warm water. Squeeze the cloth and the shredded coconut to extract coconut milk. Discard the shredded coconut. If obtaining/shredding a fresh coconut is not possible, you may substitute a can of unsweetened coconut milk instead. Add a small amount of oil to a frypan. Saute chicken until done over medium heat. Add onions to the pan. Continue stirring over medium heat until the onions are brown. Add ginger, tomatoes, and garlic to the pan. Saute together briefly over medium heat. Add coconut milk. Mix well. Reduce heat. Simmer over low heat for thirty minutes. Serve with rice and salad. Enjoy!


Serves four.


country : Madagascar

course : poultry dish


source : internet <http://www.air-mad.com/cuisine.htm>